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Winter Haiku – taken fromĀ

For this years Christmas lights 9 new light features were made up and 12 existing ones were fixed and reused. the centre piece was a 15ft winter Haiku. The Christmas toilet was back, this time with a circling of bog rolls.

bog rolls.png

The children from Marsden Junior School did designs for Christmas stickmen, of these there were 3 winning designs that got made into lights, these were:

  • Sticklady playing a Fiddle by Daisy from MJS
  • Stickman by Will Pearson from year 3 MJS
  • Gingerbread Man (apologies – we have now lost the original design and are not sure which child did this)

Special thanks to the Cuckoo’s Nest, Yorkshire Avalanche Dodgers and Reliance Garage for their large donations.