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Monday 10th September – 8:30pm – Riverhead


  • Autumn Cuckoo’s Nest grant application
  • Cuckoo’s Nest shop tennancy
  • Community storage completion tasks
  • Community storage completion party planning
  • 2018 Christmas lights ideas
  • Noticeboards

The meetings are informal and relaxed. All residents of Marsden are welcome to contribute ideas for future work for the MCA at the quarterly meetings.


Annual General Meeting.  All Marsden residents are invited.

Thursday 31st May 2018 – 8pm to 9pm Marsden Mechanics Hall – meeting room

We are looking for new committee members for 2018 to help raise the profile of the MCA


  • Minutes from the last AGM
  • Treasurers Report
  • Chairmans Report
  • Election of Officers
  • Priorities for 2018

The poster can be found for download here : MCA-AGM-2018

For 2017’s Christmas lights we would like you to be inspired by the seaside. Make your design bold and bright. It can be ANYTHING related to the sea.

Our favourite designs will be made up on giant metal frames and installed on Peel Street. The designs need to be handed in at Marsden Library or dropped off at school during November (the earlier the better).  We love designs from adults as well as children.

Find here a printable form, or simply use a piece of blank paper.

If you would like to get involved making the lights and have some spare hours weekday evenings during November then get in contact


Monday 18th September – 8pm – Riverhead


  • Autumn grant applications
  • Community storage shed/workshop
  • 2017 Christmas lights theme
  • Noticeboard repairs
  • Quiz night
  • Community Allotment
  • Secretary position
  • Finances

Our Annual General Meeting is to be held this Thursday from 8pm to 9pm in the Mechanics Hall meeting room.  We are looking for new committee members for 2017, especially a new secretary.  The MCA is a very relaxed group focused on improving Marsden for the benefit of all.


  • Minutes of the last AGM
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Election of Officers
  • Plans for 2017


Winter Haiku – taken from

For this years Christmas lights 9 new light features were made up and 12 existing ones were fixed and reused. the centre piece was a 15ft winter Haiku. The Christmas toilet was back, this time with a circling of bog rolls.

bog rolls.png

The children from Marsden Junior School did designs for Christmas stickmen, of these there were 3 winning designs that got made into lights, these were:

  • Sticklady playing a Fiddle by Daisy from MJS
  • Stickman by Will Pearson from year 3 MJS
  • Gingerbread Man (apologies – we have now lost the original design and are not sure which child did this)

Special thanks to the Cuckoo’s Nest, Yorkshire Avalanche Dodgers and Reliance Garage for their large donations.

For 2016’s Christmas lights we would like you draw a scene showing stickmen engaging in a Christmas activity. You can be as imaginative or as crazy as you like. We like both traditional and humorous designs.  

Draw your design on the application found here. The easiest designs for us to copy use simple coloured lines so try and avoid colouring in sections. Our favourite 8 designs will be made up on giant steel frames and erected on Peel Street for the switch-on on Saturday December the 3rd. The designs need to be handed in at Marsden Library by Saturday the 12th of November or can be emailed to us at  The competition is open to all ages – children and adults alike.

On Saturday the 1st of October we held a fund-raising quiz in the Marsden Mechanics hall. The event was a sell out with the Mechanics packed and twenty teams involved. The event raised a huge £922  towards this years Christmas lights. The money will be spent on illuminating the trees by the river Colne and on light features to run down Peel Street.




MCA PA system

This year, for the Christmas Lights switch-on we upgraded our P.A. system from 100 watts to 1700 watts.  This is enough power for a large outdoor event. If you a group in Marsden then you are welcome to borrow the P.A. system for your events.  It consists of a standalone 100 watt active speaker with an internal battery and two wireless microphones. It has a USB slot for playing .MP3s and a line in. It also has two 800 watt auxillary active speakers with cabling to the main unit. The system can be used indoors and outdoors.

If you would like to borrow the whole setup or just the 100 watt unit for your event contact us on

The P.A. system was purchased with money raised at the Christmas Fair and from a grant from the Cuckoo’s Nest

We also have trestle tables, high viz vests and a gazebo available for borrowing. We will shortly add to this site a full page listing the assets we have available for lending out.