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For 2018’s Christmas lights we would like unusual plants. These can be real plants or fantasy ones, your designs will be made up by our team and found growing on Peel Street over Christmas.

Draw your design using the form found here or use a plain piece of A4 paper. The designs need to be handed in at Marsden Library or dropped off at school during November (the earlier in the month the better).  We love designs from adults as well as children.


Winter Haiku – taken from

For this years Christmas lights 9 new light features were made up and 12 existing ones were fixed and reused. the centre piece was a 15ft winter Haiku. The Christmas toilet was back, this time with a circling of bog rolls.

bog rolls.png

The children from Marsden Junior School did designs for Christmas stickmen, of these there were 3 winning designs that got made into lights, these were:

  • Sticklady playing a Fiddle by Daisy from MJS
  • Stickman by Will Pearson from year 3 MJS
  • Gingerbread Man (apologies – we have now lost the original design and are not sure which child did this)

Special thanks to the Cuckoo’s Nest, Yorkshire Avalanche Dodgers and Reliance Garage for their large donations.


This year’s Christmas lights were a great success, with the vast majority of the lights staying on over the entire Christmas period!  In total 9 new features were built (see images below),  the lights in the weir were completely remade and 3 new sets of fairy lights were put in the tree by the river.  Hundreds of the festoon bulbs were also replaced.

Money for all of this came from grants from the Yorkshire Avalanche Dodgers, the Cuckoos’s Nest,  monies made at last years event, from collection boxes and from local businesses sponsoring the programme.

We even got three articles in the examiner regarding the much talked about toilet design –

Thanks to all the volunteers involved. A full review of the lights will be presented at our next meeting.

mario     pacman pinkcreeper fezspaceinvaderclankcreeperjackfrost

All made from designs submitted at Marsden Library and Marsden Junior school. Here are the winning entries –


For 2015’s Christmas lights we would like you to draw your favourite character, monster, object or anything from a computer game. It can be an old retro game or a new game or a game you have completely made up. We enjoy receiving entries from all age groups.

your designs need to be handed in at Marsden Library by Saturday 28th of November, this is in order to give us time to make them up.

We are also looking for people to help build the light features using the submitted designs as templates. We will be building them most weekday evenings during November, if you want to come down and help with the builds then please contact us at

We are also looking for volunteers to put up the lights, if you want to help, we meet outside the Mechanics at 10am on Saturday for the following 4 weeks. all help is appreciated.

mario fallout fez

submit your designs on a piece of A4 paper or find an official form to print off here

For 2014’s Christmas lights we are going to make up a gallery of beetles, wood lice, flies, spiders, butterflies, wasps, bees, caterpillars, mites, centipedes, earwigs, snails, slugs or any undiscovered species you can think up.

Print off an entry form Here. Or just use a scrap of paper. The easiest designs for us to copy use coloured lines so try and avoid colouring in sections. Your design will be made up on giant steel frames. If you prefer you can turn the frame around to lay on its side. Our favourite 10 designs will be put up on Peel Street for the switch-on on Saturday December the 6th

Entries can be dropped off at the Junior school or at Marsden Library. Entries must be in by Saturday the 22nd of November, though the sooner your entry is received the more likely it is to be made up.



Meet at 8pm at the Liberal club. The meeting will last 1 to 2 hours.  All are welcome.


  • Erection of notice boards now we have partial funding from the Cuckoo’s Nest.
  • Moving the Christmas Lights to Kirklees for annual testing.
  • Taking down the Christmas lights on the lampposts on Peel street.
  • Securing the broken panels on the storage garage
  • Progress  on the replacement garage
  • Insurance Renewal
  • Ownership of the MCA Office in the Mechanics
  • Mechanics Hall asset transfer




Meet at 8pm at the Liberal club. The meeting will last 1 to 2 hours.  All are welcome.


  • Constructing a community storage facility in Marsden this Summer, from where community groups/individuals can borrow each others assets (Gazebos, Trestle Tables, Giant Cuckoos, PA systems)
  • Erection of community notice boards at platform 3 in Marsden station, at Standedge Tunnel visitor centre and in Marsden park.
  • Evaluation of Christmas Lights
  • Mechanics Hall Asset Transfer- review of draft building enlargement drawings.
  • AOB




This year we switched 400 of our bulbs to LEDs in order to reduce our electricity bills and put less load on the Peel street lampposts. We ran a workshop and with the community and made up nine new frames

  • Barbera the Christmas sheep.
  • Bows and candy canes
  • Christmas sock/sleigh
  • Eskimo with umberella
  • Stormtrooper helmet
  • Noel
  • Christmas candle
  • Half a Reindeer
  • Happy Reindeer

We also put lights on the old red lion for the first time (thanks to CM law who now own the building)


For the switch on event we had Eorl Crabtree turn on the lights and had programmes for the first time. There were many acts in the Mechanics and outside in the village centre during the day.


We have bought 8 new empty Christmas light frames this year with a grant from the Cuckoo’s Nest.   We need to make up new designs for these, plus strip down and repair 4 old ones that have reached the end of their life. To do this we are holding two workshops in which you will be given a light frame and the materials and guidance on how to make them up. No experience is needed and the design can be anything you want.


We make the frames by cable-tie’ing disco rope light to the frame and blacking out unwanted sections with insulation tape.  No knowledge of electrics or wiring is needed as we have skilled electricians who will later do this. If you are interested in joining the workshops please email us at The workshop dates are Monday the 11th of November and Monday the 18th of November. There is no charge and you are welcome to turn up any time after 5pm till late.

The workshops are to be held in edible’s barn which is on Marsden lane. See the following map

The Barn, Park Gate Road, West Slaithwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5XA

Examples of previous frames we have made can be found here