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For 2018’s Christmas lights we would like unusual plants. These can be real plants or fantasy ones, your designs will be made up by our team and found growing on Peel Street over Christmas.

Draw your design using the form found here or use a plain piece of A4 paper. The designs need to be handed in at Marsden Library or dropped off at school during November (the earlier in the month the better).  We love designs from adults as well as children.

Two more noticeboards have gone up in Marsden, and the final one will up shortly. This will bring the total to four. Their locations are –

1) Marsden Railway Station – Platform 1
2) Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre
3) Marsden Park
4) TBC




To place a notice in the noticeboards drop off up to 4 copies at Marsden Library. We will collect them on a Saturday and place them in the noticeboards – normally they will be kept up for a month.

Thanks to grants from Cuckoos nest and One Community and Freinds of Marsden Park for part funding this project.

In the last year we acquired a small dilapidated shed. We have obtained permission from the owners to demolish it and erect a much larger structure. The new shed will be 10m x 4m. Our plan is allow all volunteer groups in Marsden to store and share their assets from it. Access is to be via a keypad.

Kirklees have now given planning permission for the larger shed –

We hope to raise the £4000 to £6000 required to build the new shed in the next year.