In early 1970s a small group of Marsden residents initiated a resolve to salvage the 100 years+ Mechanics Institute Hall from it’s continued deterioration.

A former resident had a preservation order imposed on the building, to ensure that it was not demolished. The group was formalised by incorporation of a constitution in Nov. 1980. Charity Status (514061 ) was granted by Charity’s Commission in June 1983. This prompted a hightened drive by the Association to establish funding for refurbishment of the Hall, in order that it could be utilised by the community. The fruitition of all this effort culminated in a formal opening ceremony of the building in September 1991 (see plaque in conservatory), with Listed Building status.

The renewed Mechanics Hall became the registered address of the Association. At this juncture the organising group concentrated their efforts to providing cultural and social activities for the village. A listing of which is given herein :-

  1. Christmas Fair – With bearded character in residence.
  2. Marsden “MIND” annual quiz challenge trophy.
  3. “Back-o-beyond” NEWSLETTER.
  4. Brass Band village parade sponsership during annual Jazz festival.
  5. “CUCKOO DAY” festival.
  6. Village Centre Christmas Illuminations.
  7. Initial funding to create “Cuckoo’s Nest” Charity Shop.
  8. Protracted negotiations with CO-OP Bank to establish ATM 24hr cash dispenser.
  9. Fund raising to provide body protectors for voluntary policewomen.
  10. Interior refurbishment of Central Park Keeper’s Lodge to accommodate POLICE sub-station.
  11. Protested at Tunnel End Information Centre closure, with subsequent support / establishment of service in our village centre.
  12. Obtained funding for “GOOD VIBRATIONS” Orchestra for village residents, aged 9 to 99 years qualification, to explore their musical talents.
  13. Campaign to question validity of planning request to establish, at edge of village, large accommodation for 20,000+ chickens.  PLANNING WAS DECLINED.
  14. Provision of start-up facility for newly formed groups, under umbrella of MCA long established status.

N.B. If anybody wishes to add to list list of event, held throughout MCA thirty years of formal existence, please add a comment or contact us